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MU-202 – The Outreach Congregation

MU-202: The Outreach Congregation: Rural and Small-Town
Approximately half of our LCMS congregations are located in rural areas or small towns. But today's rural and small-town landscape is changing dramatically from only a decade or two ago as families and individuals move into these communities from more populated, more expensive areas. Are we aware of the challenges and burdens these people face? Discover new ways and media you can use to reach outside of your church and share the message of Christ effectively with your rural and small-town neighbors.

MU-202 - The Outreach Congregation: Urban and Suburban:
The stress and hassles of life in urban and suburban settings consume and distract, creating a real need for the peace found in Jesus. This hectic way of life, however, also hinders those witnessing in these circumstances. Still, the urgency of eternity remains; so how do we overcome social dynamics when sharing Christ? Even a cursory glance at communities-near LCMS congregations or otherwise-will reveal how they've changed over the years. As a church how have we adapted to these social and cultural shifts? This course is designed to give congregations leverage in interfacing with the changing communities at their doorsteps, in order to more powerfully-and insightfully-share the Gospel. It underscores the urgency for increased mobility on the part of pastor and congregation, in respect to taking the Good News to those outside the church. Getting beyond the walls of the church is crucial, as we follow Jesus into our communities with His timeless Gospel, addressing the pressing needs of those caught in the tumult of 21st-century life. This course will share insights on how to initiate and cultivate relationships in urban contexts and how to overcome stumbling blocks when sharing Christ in these settings.

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